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Product Range

Arrow Electricals manufactures various types fixed and draw-out, single and double front fully modular type of low tension control panels, which conform to IEC 60439/61439 standard.

  • Power Control Centres
  • Motor Control Centres
  • Bus Ducts
  • Process Control Panels and Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Panels
  • DG Synchronising Panels and Auto Main Failure Panels
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels – Contactor and Thyristor switching type
  • Control Desks, Mimic and Annunciation Panels
  • Soft starters and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panels
  • Lighting and Power Distribution Boards
  • Control and Relay Panels
  • Indoor and Outdoor Feeder Pillars


Arrow Electricals is committed to ensure total quality throughout the manufacturing process. The company has defined the systems and processes critical to ensure that the quality of products is met with and validated through ISO certification. The experienced QC team prepares stringent QAP for every job and monitors quality in each stage as per check lists and Standard Operating Procedures. All materials are directly procured from manufacturers and checked as per QAP. Final checking is carried out as per IS / IEC standard. No product leaves the factory gate without proper testing. Quality policy is displayed at prominent places inside the company.

The company applies the best management process like 5S, Kaizen, POKAYOKE (mistake proofing), and Lean manufacturing etc. which provides professional approach to its operations.

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Panels are successfully type tested at laboratories like CPRI / ERDA as per IS 8623 / IEC 60439 before bringing the designs into the market.

  • Tested for 100KA for 1 sec at CPRI on 8-3-2013
  • Tested for 80KA for 1 sec at ERDA on 20-8-2009
  • Tested for 65KA for 1 sec at CPRI on 14-6-2002
  • Tested for 50KA for 1 sec at CPRI on 16-3-1998 & 9-7-2010
  • Tested for 4000A temperature rise at ERDA on 14-10-2009
  • Tested for Seismic Zone-V (Earthquake) at CPRI on 11-11-2013
  • Tested for IP-54 at ERDA on 26-8-2007 & at CPRI on 23-1-2013
  • Tested for IP-55 at ERDA on 21-6-2007
  • Tested for IP-65 at CPRI on 28-9-2010